Introducing Free in the Lines

It’s been a long, thoughtful transition away from Basically Bubbly these past couple of months. You might have noticed the less frequent blog posts and lack of new art pieces. It’s because I’ve been putting my heart and soul into something new.

Basically Bubbly was a young, random me still trying to find my way. I used Basically Bubbly as a discovery tool to explore and develop my interests and I have finally reached the point where I know who I am and where I want to go.

For the past couple of months I took extra time to really assess where I want my brand to go. I realized I don’t want to be a blog with some art on the side or an artist with a blog on the side. I don’t want to be fashion focused or only food driven. I want the freedom to explore all of my likes and dislikes; to create and pursue a lifestyle. So I have created free in the lines, a lifestyle that pushes us to thrive within our boundaries.

Throughout our lives are all faced with certain limits; a derivative of either time, money or responsibilities. free in the lines is about thriving within those challenges and tackling each one with the tenacity and determination to be stronger. This lifestyle is something that I haven’t perfected and will be growing just as much as I am, but I’m positive it will be an amazing adventure.

With all of this being said, I also wanted to say thank you to everyone. Whether you have purchased one of my products, liked a social channel or read my blog you have encouraged me to dream bigger than I imagined when I first started. free in the lines wouldn’t have been possible without your constant love and support.

So now, without further adieu, hop over to my new website. I’ve included more about me, added new merchandise to the shop and released a great new Spotted! feature about L. Windham’s Jewelry Designer Laurie on the blog! I cannot wait to continue this new phase of our adventure together.

With love — lex



ATL Adventures: Brunching at 10th & Piedmont

This weekend my brunching buddy Glo, from GloingThroughLife, wasn’t able to make it, so I decided to shake things up a little and go with Ethan, from DapperPub, and my fiancé. Deciding on a place was definitely a challenge. Our list is getting longer and there are so many good options, but Midtown kept calling my name so 10th & Piedmont it was! I even decided to be fancy and make a reservation through OpenTable.

My favorite feature of this super modern restaurant are the fantastically large windows. They wrap around a corner allowing the entire place to be illuminated by natural light, even on a drizzly day like we had. To make those beautiful windows even better, when it’s warmer out they’re slid back so that the whole place becomes a covered patio. 1oth & Piedmont, you’re irresistible with those windows.

It was fairly quiet when we walked in at 11:30 am. Probably because the brunch staples (aka, mimosas, bloody marys and bellinis) are not served until after 12:30 pm. We were seated right next to a window that looked directly across to the Flying Biscuit. It was a great people watching location. They really do know me well; big windows and a perfect people watching spot, what more could a girl ask for?

The menu selection was larger than other places I’ve been and the trouble was, everything looked absolutely scrumptious. And I mean finger licking good, so we started with coffee.

Coffee at 10th & Piedmont

I finally settled on some extravagant French toast, fit for The King; these thick slices of bread were stuffed with peanut butter and slices of banana then topped with a dusting of powdered sugar and some maple syrup. My mouth is watering as I write this.

The King French Toast from 10th & Piedmont

Every single bite was heavenly with just the right amount of peanut butter and sweetness. Honestly, this selection was a risk for me. I HATE bananas, but LOVED this! Jas suggested my taste buds might have “grown up” and I like bananas now, but I am going to give all the credit to 10th & Piedmont’s amazing recipe.

Jas ordered the Southern Styled Steak Benedict, which I totally stole a bite of. It’s delicious! Get it if you go. Ethan ordered the Country Fried Chicken & Biscuit plate. I didn’t get to taste that one only because he scarfed it down so fast. But he assured me it was perfect.

Southern Steak Benedict at 10th & PiendmontJust look at it! - Southern Steak Benedict at 10th & Piedmont

Country Fried Chicken & Biscuits at 10th & PiedmontRight at 12:30 pm our server asked us our drink orders and we completed our fantastic meal with some bubbly beverages; I ordered a Peach Bellini, Jas a Mimosas and Ethan a Bloody Mary. They really were just what we needed that Sunday morning.

Peach Bellini at 10th & Piedmont

Overall, we have another great brunch experience. Our server was funny and attentive plus the atmosphere was hip and chic with some light techno and classic rock on the playlist. As we sat there reflecting on everything wonderful we ate, I noticed the line at Flying Biscuit was getting longer and longer. What I couldn’t figure out is why you would want to go to a standard chain (yes, I still think Flying Biscuit is good, but seriously, why) when you could cross the street and enjoy this trendy city sweet spot.

Next time you’re tying to decide where to grab brunch in midtown, steer clear of those Waffle Houses, IHOPs and Flying Biscuits; go to 10th & Piedmont for something truly worth your time and money. You won’t be disappointed.

Have other Atlanta brunch hot spot suggestions? I would love to hear them! Tag me on instagram (@BasicallyBubbly) and use #BBbrunch in the caption.

ATL Adventures: Brunching at The Pig and The Pearl

ATL Adventures: Brunching at The Pig and The Pearl

Barbecue and oysters; is there a better combination? Two delicious entities all on their own, but when they come together… let’s just say it’s happiness in a brunch!

Glo, from GloingThroughLife, and I have decided that we are going to make eating brunch a tour of Atlanta. Last week was The General Muir (if you have’t already read my review, check it out. It will make your mouth water!) and this Sunday was The Pig and The Pearl.

I arrived early and they weren’t open yet. Thankfully, Target is an early riser just like me, so I took a little detour. When I came back, I was still a little early, but Glo was too. We were able to catch up in the sun until the doors opened.

The atmosphere at The Pig and The Pearl is a little rustic chic; natural woods, stone toned walls and sleek industrial globe bar lighting provide this space with its dimmer, dramatic ambiance. I could definitely imagine this interior as a renovated space in a bay area somewhere. The focal ooh-and-aah feature though has to be the massive wire ceiling piece holding a ton of oyster shells. Definitely adds that touch of sea-faring essence.

The menu held a variety of brunch options from the knife and fork pork shoulder sandwich (which I have had before and LOVED) to a pastry basket or french toast. Plus four different types of oysters available by the shell. The big ticket item that had me interested though was the $15 pitcher of mimosas!

After we squared away our drink order (most important things first) we decided on our brunch. I chose a classic with a little PandP twist, Eggs Benedict with barbecue pork!  NOTE: In case you didn’t know, barbecue is one of my absolute favorite foods. 

Eggs Benedict a la PandP

Eggs Benedict And The Pig and The Pearl didn’t disappoint my barbecue expectations. The meat was tender with some spice, the eggs were cooked to perfection, the biscuits were light and the crisp arugula were the most wonderfully strange combination of brunch delight. And the grits! mmmmmm….


Glo and I received excellent service during our brunch. Our server was warm and friendly, offering suggestions and ensuring our mimosas always remained full.  Cheers to catching up, sharing our goals and giggling about everything!

The oyster menu finally caught Glo; she couldn’t leave without ordering a half dozen. My favorite part was reading the descriptions, one was described as “very approachable”. They arrived, cold and ready to be devoured. I’ve never had a raw oyster before and I was too full to try this trip, but that just means we will have to come back another time.

Half Dozen Oysters

Overall, I enjoyed our experience at The Pig and The Pearl. It was nice to have something so simple turned into something so memorable. The atmosphere, food and service make this restaurant worth coming back to. Have you eaten at The Pig and The Pearl? Tell me about your experience.

Have other Atlanta brunch hot spot suggestions? I would love to hear them! Tag me on instagram with #BBbrunch.

And don’t forget to check out The Pig and The Pearl’s facebook page and twitter handle.

How About A “First Date”

With HelloKorin & BasicallyBubbly

This is the extra special week of love, Valentine’s week! And today is about the love of friendship. My best friend and amazing blogging buddy Korin, of HelloKorin, and I decided it would be fun to answer some fun first date questions so you could get to know us better.

Lexi + Korin

1. What inspired you to start your blog? Where do you see it going?

Korin – I began hellokorin my first year of college, as a way to collect inspiration and stay creative during an academic-heavy time. Over the years it has evolved with me, as I’ve discovered my personal style and passions. I would love for it to become a way for me to share my love for interior design, organization, & event planning with the world, as a business.

Lexi – I started Basically Bubbly while in college as a way to express my creativity. At the time, I was a full time engineering student and I felt trapped without any way to explore colors, fashion or my interests. Now, my blog is just one of the dimensions to my personal brand. I love spending time exploring my passions and expanding my business.

2. What’s your ideal Saturday?

K – Brunch, a good thrifting/antiquing trip, and then winding down the evening outdoors with my guy, a grill, and good friends.

L – Being outdoors with the pup + Jas, whether that’s a picnic or trip to the lake or hiking. Then coming home, eating something delicious for dinner and painting while the sun is setting.

3. If you could describe your personal style in a phrase, what would it be?

K – “Easy sophistication.” I like to look polished but effortlessnever stiff.

L – Boho Chic.

4. Which celebrity would you pick to be best friends with?

K – I have to be cliche and go with Taylor Swift. She seems like a genuinely kind person, which is such an attractive quality, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. (Bonus that I wouldn’t have to squat to take a photo together!)

L – Emma Watson, hands down.

Emma and Taylor

5. If you had to pick one clothing store to shop from for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

K – I’ve gotta go with ASOS. The clothing is great quality, and they have a good mix of timeless, classic styles and fun pieces.

L – Anthropologie. It’s filled with everything wonderful for both my home and closet. I always tell Jas I could live in their stores every time I walk in.

6. What’s your favorite piece in your closet?

K – My leather jacket. It fits so perfectly, and can make any outfit look put-together instantly!

L – I can’t decide between jeweled white blouse from Anthro or my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans. Both are pieces I have to force myself away from when I walk into my closet every morning. Too bad it’s considered bad taste to wear the same thing daily. Haha.

7. What are the three things you cannot leave your house without?

K – Mascara, chapstick, and a spare hair tie.

L – Cell phone (mostly for the camera), chapstick (the plainer, the better) + sunnies.


8. What is your go-to lipstick shade?

K – I typically go bare on my lips, but when I want to add a little color I love using a lip crayon in a berry hue.

L – Dior Addict Extreme 789

9. What’s the one thing you do to pamper yourself regularly?

K – I recently invested in a really good moisturizer, and it feels so luxurious every time I put it on. I’m usually a drugstore-brand kind of girl, but treating my skin to a great moisturizer every day is better for my complexion AND my mood:)

L – I LOVE those $1 facemasks from Walmart and always make an excuse to set aside time once a week for myself, the tub + a facemask.

10. Leather or gems?

K – Leather.

L – If it’s brown leather, leather all the way!


I would love to hear more about you too! Answer these questions and post them to your own blog, facebook, or leave them in a comment here. Be sure to tag your best friend to answer them, too!

ATL Adventures: Brunching at The General Muir

Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal, well next to dessert of course! And what better way to enjoy it than with a wonderful friend at a fantastic brunch local like The General Muir. Until last Sunday I had never been, but Glo from GloingThroughLife was dying to try it.

I walked into the most adorable classically chic restaurant and it was packed! That made me even more excited about Glo’s choice. This many people would only wait if the food was worth it. I couldn’t help but love the pure white tile, suspended globe lights and brilliantly large windows. Even before eating I was happy.

Then there were the tantalizingly delicious smells that seemed to come from all sides; the surrounding tables receiving their orders, the espresso bar in the middle and the deli at the front.

The menu was just the right side, full of mouth-watering selections, but not so many that you get lost while reading through. Glo and I ironically ordered the exact same thing from drinks to meal to dessert. We started with a dose of coconutty caffeine, a coconut latte. Made in a bowl sized cup and accessorized with a pretty little foam design, we couldn’t drink it all in fast enough. I can easily say this was the best latte I’ve ever had.

Coconut Latte

We then selected Avenue A, a homemade bagel topped with schmear, smoked salmon, onion, cucumber, avocado, dill and grapefruit. I almost opted for a hash, but this was the first item to jump out at me, so I chose to stick with it. And I am sure glad I did. The flavor combination was surprisingly addicting and the textures kept my mouth guessing with each chew. It was surprisingly filling too. I couldn’t finish the second half of the bagel so I picked off the best bits (avocado, salmon and grapefruit).

Avenue A Bagel from The General Muir

During our bagels Glo and I caught up about work, life and adventuring. We haven’t known each other long, but she has quickly become a favorite of mine. Spending time with her is never long enough and keep your eyes open for more coming from her soon.

Even though we were completely full, when our server offered pink n’ whites I said “yes” before I could consult with my full stomach. So she brought us two of the cutest pink and white delights! A little bit of strawberry, a little bit of lemon, a whole lot of wonderful.

Pink n' White Cookie

Overall, The General Muir is now on my “Must Go To” list when friends or family comes to visit. The experience was a great way to begin my Sunday and I cannot wait to take Jas. Have you been to The General Muir? Hopefully it was as wonderful as mine.

Have other Atlanta brunch hot spot suggestions? I would love to hear them! Tag me on instagram with #BBbrunch. PS – This would be a great Valentine’s Day date idea.

Valentine’s Outfit Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is still far enough away I have time to help plan our fun night with Jas and find an outfit to wear. I put together some of my favorite Pinterest inspired outfits and paired them with a couple of accessories to make the look perfect.

Suit + Tie Dinner

This bold color combo of blush with vibrant red is so daring and I adore it! Plus I love the boxy shape of the blouse with the flowy skirt; I will be able to eat every bite of a delicious dinner and not feel like everyone can see my food baby. I love the idea of a super nude nail (like Essie’s Tuck in my Tux), non-glitzy statement earrings and a pretty clutch to tie everything together. Plus, be spontaneous and adventure to your favorite dessert place after dinner.

Romantic Night In

Jas and I tend to enjoy a romantic night in rather than going out on Valentine’s Day. Rocking an oversized sweater dress with tall socks will keep you comfy and cute. You still seem snuggly, but showing a little bit of leg. And if you’re staying inside forget all that jewelry. Just rock some delicate studs and your favorite dainty necklace (I adore this arrow!) to keep your look simple. Sweep on some lip stain and you will keep your color even after all those kisses.

Lover's Picnic

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm enough to star gaze on Valentine’s Day I’m jealous! No need to slip on heels and a skin tight dress to have a romantic night; throw on something warm and easy, like a sweater and scarf, break out your kicks and grab a blanket. If you decide to bring some snacks or beverages a backpack will prove to be chic and practical. Don’t forget to keep those lips hydrated and kissable. Smooches under the stars are the best!

Which pin-spiration is your favorite?


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I am always in need of some great gift inspiration and Valentine’s Day is one of the hardest holidays to buy for; you don’t want to go over board, but you also don’t want to seem like you didn’t try. Here are just a few of my favorites for that someone special no matter the budget.

Basically Bubbly's Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

fresh SUGAR Lip Sweeties in Mini: I hate to say it, but lip balm is not only a necessity in my life, but also a favorite gift to both give and receive. A girl can never have enough colors.

LG Mobile Photo Printer: I can’t get over how darling this mobile photo printer is; talk about convenient! And it comes in white in case you need a little something for your man.

Something Sweet: Forget the box of chocolates, give your lovie a gift card for that gourmet ice cream shop or a treat to Sprinkles. If you’re in Atlanta, here is my  favorite sweet treat.

Rifle Paper Co Stationary: Now she can write love notes on beautiful stationary.

Daniel Wellington Watch: A simple, classic gift. And one they will never take off.

Pssssst – if you want some more gift ideas, be sure to check out HelloKorin’s gift list.

Month of Love

It’s that month again. Filled with notes and flirting, reds and pinks, flowers and chocolates… I LOVE the month of February. This is when guys bring home beautiful blossoms and cook delicious dinners and when Target busts out their cutest spring decorations (more to come on that)! But really, what more could a girl ask for?

Throughout the rest of this month I will be posting about all things related to love and valentines both on my social channels and here. I promise after this month I will try to have an extended break before posting more pink (except on Mondays), but for now, bring on the sappy stuff!

Your Hand QuoteImage via Pinterest


Pinterest Update

For a while, Pinterest and I were taking a break. I was spending too much time searching for wedding inspiration and not enough time focusing on real life. Now I feel refreshed and reenergized and ready to reconnect to my lovely Pinterest.

I spent some time renovating my boards. More work is still needed, but I am making progress. I have broken out my Dressed to Impress board into sections: Basics, Elegant, Office Wear and Summertime Chic. Then, my entire nail polish obsession moved to Finger Art. And those swimsuits I love have their own home on Summertime Suite. Plus, I moved those sweet little Skivvies so they don’t have to share the lime light with all the beautiful clothes that lay on top. I felt like my original, single board was becoming to much of a hodgepodge so this reorg was much needed.

Here are some of my latest loves and once you’re done be sure to see the rest of my boards. Mwah!

Gilbert Featured on Bonjour Bliss Blog

When Roxanne reached out to me about having my Gilbert the Frenchie and Flock of Flamingo pillows in her daughter’s new “big girl” room I was thrilled. Then she sent me pictures and my emotions changed to overjoyed!

gilbert-bbbTassels and animals, pinks and golds, dinos and tea parties. She paired beautiful and whimsical pieces that balance and compliment each other perfectly. I bet all the little girls that come over now are going to be begging their mommies to have a room as splendid as this one.


But don’t let me convince you. Go see the rest of the photos of this adorable room here, BonjourBlissBlog. And if you are dying know where any of the pieces from the room are from, Roxanne has even listed them out at the bottom of the post.