Shopping Spree

In a couple of days my family will be taking a trip to Tennessee for a giant crazy gathering. This was the perfect excuse to go shopping for a few extra clothes.

On the list:
– Chambray button down
– White shorts
– Swim suit

Overall, I would say my trip was a success. I came home from Lenox Square Mall with just a feeeww extra things. I couldn’t help it! I walked into J. Crew and couldn’t leave with just one pair of shorts. Their Vintage Tees are perfect to wear with anything and everything, so I bought some in a few colors. Their casual shorts are a classic and look structured without overdoing it, so I bought two of those. Plus they were on sale! Shorts…check.

Onto Chambray shirt. Madewell, a sister store to J. Crew was the perfect place to find casual, comfy chambray. While in there, I found that I completely adore their tissue tanks are the perfect laying essentials. I left with their brightest of pinks and a white. Chambray…check.

Now, swimwear. Victoria’s Secret is my number one swim shop. To be honest, I go because of the models. I know that if I buy this or that suit, I will never look like the model in the ad, but when I go to Nordstrom or Dillards online and look at their models… the suits aren’t appealing. I think that with the right models, almost any suit can look attractive. Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention their prices aren’t bad for a suit I know will last me a few summers. I found the coral Push up top and knew it was the one. Finding bottoms was the only struggle. I feel like every girl wears a medium, so it took a while to find ones that matched in my size. The end result is an awesome combination and I am completely happy. Swimsuit…check.

After making these essential purchases, the hardest thing to do will to be to not wear anything until on vacation. Wish me luck.  -Ciao

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