Vintage Chic & Apartment Bling

This past few weekends I have spent running around town looking for furniture for Boyfriend’s house. Its been a scavenger hunt and so much fun. While shopping we found a cute corner store where we least expected it.

Earth Mama’s General Store was adorable. Packed to the maximum limit with re-purposed furniture, signs, and vintage clothes it was exciting to walk around each corner. While we were there we found the perfect little table for the house and I found three chic sets of earrings. The sparkled with the feel of old-time elegance. What girl doesn’t love a good piece of costume jewelry once in a while. The best part about these beauties was that I bought all three for under $20! I think they will jazz up so many outfits and provide statement pieces for party outfits. Now I can be glam from head to toe.

Earth Mama’s gave me a little inspiration. I had an old bulletin board that I had painted about 3 years ago. I had out grown the colors and style of my work so I decided to revamp the board with a little paint and some drama from an old Bloomingdale’s shopping bag. Here is the finished product, my very own wall bling!

I can’t wait to hang this in my new apartments and see what my roommates think.

Unfortunately, the weekend is over now and I must get back in the daily work. I hope you are able to find some stylish old pieces or spice up something you already have. As July comes to a close and school is almost here get into gear and find your own pieces that inspire you Let me know what you find! -Ciao


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