Time to Refresh

It has been a long time since I have opened WordPress. Oh, how I have missed you! Recently, life has been hectic, but then again, when is it not? I have been focused on applying for internships and completing my online portfolio.

Oh! I forgot to tell you, I have been designing a new portfolio to present my work. All of the information is from my time in college and covers a majority of the courses I have taken. I tried to leave space so I could add more work considering I am now free lancing for multiple people. It still needs a lot of help, but hopefully, I will be finished with it this weekend.

New LipColor

I have not been shopping for anything major lately, unfortunately bills need to be paid before fashion is bought. Silly rules of life. I did pick up a new lip color yesterday though as a treat for making it through the last few weeks of overwhelming mess. Number 355 Tempt Seduction from COVERGIRL is the perfect shade for this season. There is enough punch of color to knock anyone’s socks off. I hoping it will make me seem more confident today while I lead a class discussion.

Last month I found a wonderful fashionista whose blog I absolutely LOVE to read. Zoella is maintained by an adorable British girl who is savvy concerning all things makeup and fashion related. Her posts are insightful and engaging. The most recent youtube video on “Dealing with Panic Attacks & Anxiety” hit close to home and made her even more relateable. Thanks to BlogLovin I am able to stay up to date with every post she writes.

Time to restart preparation for discussion today. Wish me luck. -Ciao


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