Construction of Christmas…For Boy

I am dying to tell everyone about my gift plan for Boyfriend this Christmas. Seriously though, I am about to EXPLODE with excitement. Alas… I cannot. Back in April I wrote about my plans for Boyfriend’s birthday party and gift ideas in every extravagant little detail. For Christmas though, I cannot. Apparently, he reads my posts now and it should not be simple for him to figure out my gift.

I know at times it is rather difficult to think of something creative to present someone as a gift for the holidays. But Pinterest has been amazing for gift ideas. I am sure y’all already have some ideas or utilize your resources, I wanted to share a few sites that have helped me recently:

  • ThinkGeek – Perfect for those nerdy friends.
  • Emily Elizabeth Jewelry – Beautifully crafted jewelry for friends, girlfriends, or wives.
  • Etsy – You can find almost anything for anyone here! Seriously, creative/delicate handmade jewelry, hand carved/sculpted pieces of wood or metal objects for men, bow ties, hair accessories, scarves…you name it.
  • Sir Jack’s – For those handsome men in your life.
  • Belina – Gorgeous jewelry at perfect prices.

These are just a few of the many places to look. I would LOVE to see what y’all are planning or have found that would be interesting to give. Please comment below.

Even though I cannot tell you everything about my gift, I can present a few pictures to give a hint. Happy hunting everyone! -Ciao


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