The Process

Best Christmas Present EverI am finally ready to reveal the process behind the best Christmas present ever.

Lumber Jock's Deck Cooler

It began as an idea. I had seen this amazing deck cooler image on Pinterest and I knew that one day I would make it. I didn’t realize that one day would turn into a few weekends and an additional week of work right before this Christmas. Thankfully, the link to the image  on Pinterest took me to Lumber Jock’s website where I found additional pictures. There were not any instructions though. So it was up to my Super-Dad to help me. I showed him the picture, the list of supplies Lumber Jock’s provided, and some modifications I was hoping to make.

It took about 5 trips to Home Depot and 3 to Gillroy’s Got It to gather all of the materials needed for this project. I am pretty sure that every man I spoke with either thought I was crazy or the coolest-girl-ever. I almost always had to show a picture of what I was looking for so that the guys would understand what I wanted. Thank you Dad for being able to go with me most of the times and being so patient.

We began the project over Thanksgiving break. We were able to get a lot done in the short time frame of that weekend. While jamming out to some Kick’s Country, Dad and I measured, cut, and sanded. Over and over again. There were so many pieces. The entire project was a giant experiment, tested by trial and error. We had to make some major executive decisions since we were only working with a picture and a list of materials; no instructions.

Here are a few visuals for the process:

Overall, this was an amazing experience. Not only did I create a fabulous gift, I had an opportunity for some quality bonding time with Dad, I learned how to use a multitude of power tools, and Boyfriend LOVED it. I feel rather accomplished! Now… I need to start planning how to one-up this next year! Haha! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I would love to see what your favorites gifts were this year. -Ciao


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