Handwritten Luxuries


Today I was surprised with two beautifully handwritten notes. One was a belated valentine from my amazing mom and the other a note thanked me for my work on a website. These gorgeous little luxuries made me realize just how much I have forgotten my manners in today’s society. With emails, e-cards, Twitter, and Facebook communication is simple; short, sweet, and to the point. Handwritten, snail mail, notes are a long lost art form that is under appreciated.


E. Note


When I see letter-pressed cards, eco-friendly stationary, or even a stunning ink pen I always think about how pretty they are or I buy them with every intention of using them. But then I put them away and completely forget to use them. Or I don’t have pretty paper and I feel that a note written on notebook paper does not do my thoughts justice. So I just don’t write.


From this point forward I am going to try to find reasons to share little pieces of love in the form of written notes. With this new goal in mind, I compiled a few things that can help spice up my notes.


Stationary | Sticker | Stamp | Pen

Finding the perfect stationary can always inspire you to write, so be sure to find some that are fun colored or have a hidden pattern in the envelope like these from Mr. Boddington’s Studio. Using fun stamps can always add character to a boring envelope. Ordering them online through Zazzle can allow you to get just the right splash of pattern. Find a fun pen that you love writing with. This pink gel pen will make even a sheet of boring notebook paper fun to write. Finally, adding a sticker to outside of an envelope or on a blank piece of paper will add interest and a personal touch. Tiffani Taylor has beautiful vinyl poppy stickers that are big and detailed. I have one on the outside of my computer and I just love it!

I hope these ideas will persuade you to write someone a pretty note. – Ciao


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3 responses to “Handwritten Luxuries”

  1. mfsomething says :

    Perhaps I’m not going with a pink gel pen, but I enjoyed your post for I love handwritten things so much.

  2. Deanna says :

    Lucky you! That’s a beautiful Valentine letter.

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