New Routine

So I know that I am not a doctor in relationships in anyway, but ladies I am speaking to you; just because you have a man doesn’t mean you should stop trying.

Girls, when you first start dating a guy, you try to look cute and flirty all the time. You take extra time to do your make up and pick out the best outfit. But as time goes on, you convert back to your sweats and a t-shirt, you forget to shave for a day…or two…, and you don’t always wash your hair. But come on, how hard is it to put on a dress, throw your hair up in a high bun, slap on some tinted moisturizer and some tinted lip balm? Boom! You have a simple, chic outfit.

Don’t get me wrong, I am guilty of slipping into ‘relaxed’ way too often, as I am sitting with Boyfriend right now and that is exactly what I am wearing. In all honesty though ladies, it wont take much to impress your man. Sometimes you just need some inspiration to get back into the swing of things. Here are a beauty products & tips that will keep you looking fresh and fun any day. -Ciao

Perfectly Kissable – fresh SUGAR in Coral will give your lips a much needed hint of color. Just enough so it looks natural, while keeping your lips moist and delectable.






Stilla’s Stay All Day Illuminating BB cream – It will perfect your complexion and will keep your skin moisturized and protected all day long.



Forget Me Nots –

  • Always throw on a bit of white eye shadow or liner in the corner of your eyes to keep your eyes looking awake and fresh.
  • Don’t forget your mascara! No matter what else you’re wearing, mascara will give the illusion that you are more put together than you are willing to admit.
  • Even if you don’t shower from head to toe every day, shave your legs. He doesn’t want to touch stubble.

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