the Bartender

I am excited to release the first installment of the 5 week series dedicated to gifts for your man!

Every year I try to out do myself for gifts for my guy, but sometimes I run out of creativity. Hopefully, I am not the only one who gets stuck once in a while. So, with the hopes to unblock myself, and possibly someone, I decided to share some inspiration. For the past few months I have been collecting ideas from here and there and I have finally finished compiling my favorites!

I have divided the gifts into various categories that describe a type of guy:

  • the Gentleman
  • the Bartender
  • the Traveler
  • etc.

This first mini collections is designed for the Bartender. This guy is the life of the party. He loves to mix new cocktails, collect glasses for every type of drink, or just come home from work, grab a beer and relax. You can find links to every piece below the image. I hope these gift inspire your gift giving regimen & delight the Bartender in your life. I want to know what your favorite piece is, if your man loved your gift, or if this post inspired you to come up with another gift idea! Leave your comments below or on the Facebook page!

Guy's Gift Lookbook 2013 - The BartenderTwigs Bar Cart Essentials | Stone Drink Dispenser | Copper Ice Bucket | Cow Hide Coasters | Pewter Cartridge Flask | Caliber Bottle Opener | Aromatic Beer Glass | Nesting Steel Shot Glasses


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