Thanksgiving Day 2014

Things have been booming in the Basically Bubbly world. Engagement fun, wedding planning, moving my parents, new job and Holiday prep work. This year was the first year Jas and I really spent Thanksgiving together so we decided to make a thing of it. We hosted his family for dinner and prepared the larger ticket items (turkey, gravy, dressing, cranberry relish and mulled wine). I was a little worried, since I am not a master chef like my dad, but Jas had faith we could pull it off. Man, oh man, did we ever! Our turkey was beyond flavorful and cooked perfectly. And our sides complimented the bird nicely. Jas’s mom brought some other sides (mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, caramelized onions and more wine!) We spent the night eating and enjoying each other’s company. It made me realize just how much I LOVE playing the role of hostess!

IMG_0145 IMG_0147

I have so much to be grateful for and I could take an entire book and fill it with the names of my loved ones, friends and events.

And while my life continues to blossom, Basically Bubbly is growing as well. I have added more merchandise, been working on some collaborations and even have been water coloring some new pieces (more on those to come). As a thank you to everyone who has been supporting me I wanted to offer some discounts for Friday and this weekend.

blkfri2014 GWP

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. Much love from the Basically Bubbly family to yours.

xo, Lexi, Jas and Tucker


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