ATL Adventures: Brunching at The General Muir

Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal, well next to dessert of course! And what better way to enjoy it than with a wonderful friend at a fantastic brunch local like The General Muir. Until last Sunday I had never been, but Glo from GloingThroughLife was dying to try it.

I walked into the most adorable classically chic restaurant and it was packed! That made me even more excited about Glo’s choice. This many people would only wait if the food was worth it. I couldn’t help but love the pure white tile, suspended globe lights and brilliantly large windows. Even before eating I was happy.

Then there were the tantalizingly delicious smells that seemed to come from all sides; the surrounding tables receiving their orders, the espresso bar in the middle and the deli at the front.

The menu was just the right side, full of mouth-watering selections, but not so many that you get lost while reading through. Glo and I ironically ordered the exact same thing from drinks to meal to dessert. We started with a dose of coconutty caffeine, a coconut latte. Made in a bowl sized cup and accessorized with a pretty little foam design, we couldn’t drink it all in fast enough. I can easily say this was the best latte I’ve ever had.

Coconut Latte

We then selected Avenue A, a homemade bagel topped with schmear, smoked salmon, onion, cucumber, avocado, dill and grapefruit. I almost opted for a hash, but this was the first item to jump out at me, so I chose to stick with it. And I am sure glad I did. The flavor combination was surprisingly addicting and the textures kept my mouth guessing with each chew. It was surprisingly filling too. I couldn’t finish the second half of the bagel so I picked off the best bits (avocado, salmon and grapefruit).

Avenue A Bagel from The General Muir

During our bagels Glo and I caught up about work, life and adventuring. We haven’t known each other long, but she has quickly become a favorite of mine. Spending time with her is never long enough and keep your eyes open for more coming from her soon.

Even though we were completely full, when our server offered pink n’ whites I said “yes” before I could consult with my full stomach. So she brought us two of the cutest pink and white delights! A little bit of strawberry, a little bit of lemon, a whole lot of wonderful.

Pink n' White Cookie

Overall, The General Muir is now on my “Must Go To” list when friends or family comes to visit. The experience was a great way to begin my Sunday and I cannot wait to take Jas. Have you been to The General Muir? Hopefully it was as wonderful as mine.

Have other Atlanta brunch hot spot suggestions? I would love to hear them! Tag me on instagram with #BBbrunch. PS – This would be a great Valentine’s Day date idea.


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2 responses to “ATL Adventures: Brunching at The General Muir”

  1. Glo says :

    Love love love your post!! Perfectly describes the incredible experience we had at General Muir!

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