ATL Adventures: Brunching at The Pig and The Pearl

ATL Adventures: Brunching at The Pig and The Pearl

Barbecue and oysters; is there a better combination? Two delicious entities all on their own, but when they come together… let’s just say it’s happiness in a brunch!

Glo, from GloingThroughLife, and I have decided that we are going to make eating brunch a tour of Atlanta. Last week was The General Muir (if you have’t already read my review, check it out. It will make your mouth water!) and this Sunday was The Pig and The Pearl.

I arrived early and they weren’t open yet. Thankfully, Target is an early riser just like me, so I took a little detour. When I came back, I was still a little early, but Glo was too. We were able to catch up in the sun until the doors opened.

The atmosphere at The Pig and The Pearl is a little rustic chic; natural woods, stone toned walls and sleek industrial globe bar lighting provide this space with its dimmer, dramatic ambiance. I could definitely imagine this interior as a renovated space in a bay area somewhere. The focal ooh-and-aah feature though has to be the massive wire ceiling piece holding a ton of oyster shells. Definitely adds that touch of sea-faring essence.

The menu held a variety of brunch options from the knife and fork pork shoulder sandwich (which I have had before and LOVED) to a pastry basket or french toast. Plus four different types of oysters available by the shell. The big ticket item that had me interested though was the $15 pitcher of mimosas!

After we squared away our drink order (most important things first) we decided on our brunch. I chose a classic with a little PandP twist, Eggs Benedict with barbecue pork!  NOTE: In case you didn’t know, barbecue is one of my absolute favorite foods. 

Eggs Benedict a la PandP

Eggs Benedict And The Pig and The Pearl didn’t disappoint my barbecue expectations. The meat was tender with some spice, the eggs were cooked to perfection, the biscuits were light and the crisp arugula were the most wonderfully strange combination of brunch delight. And the grits! mmmmmm….


Glo and I received excellent service during our brunch. Our server was warm and friendly, offering suggestions and ensuring our mimosas always remained full.  Cheers to catching up, sharing our goals and giggling about everything!

The oyster menu finally caught Glo; she couldn’t leave without ordering a half dozen. My favorite part was reading the descriptions, one was described as “very approachable”. They arrived, cold and ready to be devoured. I’ve never had a raw oyster before and I was too full to try this trip, but that just means we will have to come back another time.

Half Dozen Oysters

Overall, I enjoyed our experience at The Pig and The Pearl. It was nice to have something so simple turned into something so memorable. The atmosphere, food and service make this restaurant worth coming back to. Have you eaten at The Pig and The Pearl? Tell me about your experience.

Have other Atlanta brunch hot spot suggestions? I would love to hear them! Tag me on instagram with #BBbrunch.

And don’t forget to check out The Pig and The Pearl’s facebook page and twitter handle.


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