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Gilbert Featured on Bonjour Bliss Blog

When Roxanne reached out to me about having my Gilbert the Frenchie and Flock of Flamingo pillows in her daughter’s new “big girl” room I was thrilled. Then she sent me pictures and my emotions changed to overjoyed!

gilbert-bbbTassels and animals, pinks and golds, dinos and tea parties. She paired beautiful and whimsical pieces that balance and compliment each other perfectly. I bet all the little girls that come over now are going to be begging their mommies to have a room as splendid as this one.


But don’t let me convince you. Go see the rest of the photos of this adorable room here, BonjourBlissBlog. And if you are dying know where any of the pieces from the room are from, Roxanne has even listed them out at the bottom of the post.

Advertisements – a new fave

Leaf, where have you been all my life?!

Leaf.Tv, it’s simple, sleek + powerful. This site holds tons of how-to videos; some answer those common questions we don’t want to reveal we don’t actually know like how to cut watermelon or some more abstract like how to throw a Moroccan dinner party. This lifestyle resource is a must for the modern woman.

Each video is less than 2 minutes which is great since I am usually searching things in a rush right before guests arrive. And the focal items in the videos are shoppable! It really doesn’t get better than that.

So here are some of my favorites. Be sure to show me yours!

4 Ways to Wear Your Hair with a Hat

11 Steps to a Bohemian Living Space

Dark Chocolate + Olive Oil + Sea Salt Tartine

DIY: Window Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Table

Our apartment is finally to a point where I am comfortable photographing pieces of it; emphasis on the pieces. For the past couple months Jas and I have been busting our tails on the weekends trying to help my parents get the house “show worthy” for their big move to Cali. Why yes, I am a little jealous. But I digress, with all our effort going towards their house our space has been a little neglected. But we are still making progress!

I promised an Instagram follower and friend a while ago that I would give more details on how Jas and I made our beautiful window frame coffee table. So without further adieu…

Before every good project begins, there is always some inspiration. Thank you Pinterest for always adding these ideas in my head. HERE are just a couple Jas + I looked at before getting started.

And it’s always helpful to know in advance what you need before beginning so after some trial and error, here is everything you’re going to need (*there are a couple of things listed, but not shown listed you may or may not need depending on the condition of your frame so be sure to plan ahead):

Supply ListThrifted Window Frame // Wood (The Home Depot) // Anthropologie Chandelier Knob // Long Hinge  // Ikea Mod Legs // Annie Sloan Chalk Paint // Paint Stripper* // Putty Knife* // Extra Glass Panes (found at local glass shop) // Sandpaper

1. Find the frame – Be sure you pick out one that is larger, or at least large enough for a coffee table in your living space. The best place to find the frame is a junk yard, thrift store or somewhere with used frames {$7.00}. Don’t worry if the frame is a little dirty to begin with; you can clean up the wood using sand paper, and if its really bad, a spray on paint stripper and a putty knife for scraping the paint off and razor blades for the panes. This part honestly was the most time consuming part of this project. Depending on the condition of your frame it might take some time (and a lot of patience) to strip all the previous years’ worth of wear off. If your frame doesn’t have glass panels, don’t worry, your local glass shop will have panes {$2.50 e.} for inexpensive.

Before photo of the window frameExtra panesSitting in the window

2. Build the box – Jas + I made our coffee table with the lid resting on top. We liked the idea of it being lifted with fun things peeking from inside. But I have also seen that it could be done where the lid fits snug inside the box. Both ways look great so don’t be afraid of which to choose! We also chose to rest the inner boards along runners inside the box, so instead of having screws all along the outside holding in perfectly sized planks, ours lay across the bottom and are free to be removed during transit. If you don’t have a saw, The Home Depot has got you covered! They can cut your wood for you for a small fee. Thankfully, we were able to borrow my dad’s while we worked on this project. Wood {$35.00}.

Building the boxPre-box

 3. Paint! – Have you used chalk paint before?! It’s great! The finish is so sleek and simple, with a slight matte finish {$15.00}. Of course you can always use Bher or Glidden with an eggshell finish. A coffee table like this doesn’t need to be super shiny. I did 2 coats on the entire box exterior of the box then stained the inside and planks. Sanding between each layer or stain and paint allows for a smoother, more professional finish. And don’t forget to clear coat (if desired).

4. Choose the hardware – The hardware selected for your coffee table with not only add character, but it will also determine the look and feel. The great thing about this project is that you can pick type of hardware and not go wrong. Our IKEA legs {$16.00}and killer Anthro knob {$25.00} make this table a combination between modern and boho (just like Jas + I).

IKEA legs in action Anthro handle

5. Voila! -Once everything is all put together you’re going to be thrilled! Now, it’s time to enjoy your coffee table.

DSCN1572 DSCN1575 DSCN1579So instead of buying a new coffee table for a couple hundred dollars, we built this baby in less than $100! Thanks Home Depot for having us covered with all of our supply needs; you may or may not be one of my favorite places to go. And a big thanks to IKEA and Anthropologie for adding some flare to our latest apartment piece.

I loved getting to work on this project because not only did we design something fun and pretty for the apartment, but it was great bonding time with Jas. He built it and I made it look good. It’s now something we use and look at every day, proud of our accomplishment. Be sure to comment below and show me your latest DIY coffee table! I can’t wait to see.


Growing Greens

Tips from Hungrily Homemade‘s very own Rania Renno

Like many Atlantans, I live in a cozy 809sq foot apartment with no yard. Yes, there is some greenery outside, but it is not truly mine. That means planting a garden is currently out of scope. I dream of the Pinterest tips for growing herbs and flowers in my future garden and for now I’m obsessed with Dylon, my pineapple plant, but having a garden inside is what I am going to have to work towards.

For Rania from Hungrily Homemade though, her garden is her life! She grows a number of delicious veggies, all of which she uses in her cooking. Her top pieces of advice:

  1. Dig a big enough space to drop in the baby plant
  2. Add top soil
  3. Ensure enough sunlight
  4. Water it as soon as you plant it
  5. Talk to them every day so they know you love them
Rania's Cheery Tomatoes

Rania’s little cherry tomatoes are potted and happy on her back porch.

Rania's Blueberries

I love the idea of planting blueberries! Rania is well on her way to have a delicious snack.

As a new grower, Dylon being my first real attempt to grow anything (other than succulents, those little buggers never die!) I had some questions to ask her:

Q: What is the easiest veggie to grow for beginners?
A: Cherry tomatoes for sure. They take no work.

Q: Can they be indoor plants?
A: Haha, they work best outside.

Q: Do they grow well in planters or must they be in soil?
A: I have mine in planters and they’re great!

Q: If you could only grow three veggies what would you pick?
A: Cucumbers, Tomatoes &Jalapenos

Q: How many times a week do you water them?
A: I water them every other day.

Q: What are your garden necessities?
A: A small shovel and manicured nails!

Meet Dylon

Meet Dylon – my pride and joy of my green thumb.

Friday Obsesh

An Atlanta Woodworker

Kitchens need personality and what better way to make your space stand out than with a killer cutting board. Mikhail is a Georgia Tech student with an interesting hobby. He creates beautiful cutting boards and serving platters from natural slabs of wood. When my friend Rania from Hungrily Homemade showed me Mikhail’s pieces I was breathless; the thin stripes were an instant show stopper. I had to know how Mikhail began this adventure; here is his story.

Gorgeous Cutting Boardwoodworker

Name: Mikhail Khoury
Age: 20
Job Title/Position: Mechanical Engineering Student and Self-Taught Woodworker
Education: Mechanical Engineering

  1. This isn’t a typical hobby – how did you get started designing your cutting boards?

I started woodworking only a few months ago. As a member of the Invention Studio, a student-run maker space at Georgia Tech, I have access to a small wood shop. I’ve only just started making these cutting boards. All of my boards so far have been trials, so to speak. I’m still playing with different designs, species of wood, and building methods. So, really, I’m still only getting started designing my cutting boards.


  1. I saw that you have made tables and cheese boards too. What is your favorite piece to make?

At this point I’m really just experimenting and making whatever comes to mind, so it’s hard to say which piece is my favorite to make! Soon after learning to use a wood lathe, I couldn’t stop making bowls. Then I started designing and crafting these boards. I’ve recently finished building my first side table, and I’m already planning out the next one. But if I had to choose a favorite piece, I would say it’s the carved platters. On a nice day, I’ll gather some chisels, files, sandpaper, and beeswax, go sit outside for a few hours with a raw piece of lumber, and return with a useable platter/cutting board!

  1. What were your initial goals when you started woodworking? How have they evolved?

I started out making bowls on the lathe a few months ago. Every week I would go and find new pieces of wood, bring them into the studio, and carve them into small bowls, medium bowls, and eventually big bowls! And from bowls I moved onto making cutting boards and tables. Looking back, I can’t say I really had any goals starting out – I just couldn’t stop making bowls on the lathe! Right now I’m focused on developing my style and establishing a woodworking portfolio.

carved plattersbowl

  1. Where do you find your inspiration?

To tell you the truth, I spend more time looking for wood than for inspiration. Once I find an interesting slab, or an odd shaped cutoff, I start drawing over it until I’m happy with the design. I’m still playing around with different designs, and gradually putting together a collection of pieces and projects.

I do however spend a lot of time searching for blogs, artists, and other woodworkers. I might as well admit I have a huge crush on Ariele Alasko. She makes incredible wooden spoons, boards, and lath panels and tables – I admire her story and all of her work.

  1. What is your biggest challenge in creating these?

I really can’t say I’ve encountered many challenges yet! I often struggle to settle on a design, and spend hours erasing and drawing a few pencil lines, or sanding the corners of the board. And in retrospect, I’m still never quite satisfied! So I guess my greatest challenge would be finding a style and series of designs I’m happy with.

3 serving boardslathe

Unfortunately, Mikhail isn’t selling his creations just yet, but he will keep us posted on his future plans. If you can’t get enough of these boards comment below and let’s convince him to start a shop sooner!


Beachy Boho Luxe Inspiration

So, I told you I moved right? And that Hello Korin and I are working on managing my interior decorating with a tight budget with a whole lot of glam? Good!

Just so you have a little background before I continue, I wouldn’t trust my interior design to just anyone. Korin and I roomed together our senior year of college and I have adored her sense of style since day 1. Now, you’ve seen her posts, she has an amazing sense of taste and it’s no surprise her interior design is just as killer. She has a way with mixing neutrals in fresh, fun ways and that’s just what I need now that Jas and I share a space.

Note: Jas told me that everything could not be all flowery and pink… seriously? All I wanted to do was paint 1 door pink. Is that too much to ask?! Apparently… it is. 

When I talked to Korin, in my near-hyperventilative state, she asked me to describe my interior style. I was speechless for once. I was overwhelmed with costs and packing and trying to find the missing sock… Ididn’t know if there was a word for it. Then I thought about all the things I like. Could they all be incorporated in one space? Of course they could! So I made my taste its own category – Beachy Boho Luxe. This means I love:

  • All things ocean related
  • Eclectic pieces
  • A combo between old and new
  • Lots of textures
  • Mostly neutrals with pops of color

Hence the inspiration image…


I gave her a budget of $1500 and that had to include everything from bathroom supplies to kitchen utensils to bedding. These were some of my must-have items:

After a number of sneak peaks (because I couldn’t stand the anticipation) she presented me with these amazing mood boards she developed! Not only do her items work really well together, but the prices are unbelievable! The total cost was only a little more than my budget but I’m sure there are some additional corners I can cute. She really has an eye for this and I can’t wait to see more interior decorating from her! So check it out and tell me what you think are must-haves!

1-Bedroom2-Living room3-Kitchen&bath4-Budget

Home Sweet Home

Earlier this month it was time to put on those big girl panties and take another stab at the world; moving. But not just moving anywhere; into the city! Goodbye family home in suburbia, hello adventure! While I only moved about 35 miles away, I feel like I am in another state. No more crazy long commutes and no more OTP (outside the permiter) livin’. Of course, because I am me with horrible luck, I ran into the speed bump of my car dying immediately following the move, but oh well. Jas and I packed everything we had worth moving into the bed of his pickup truck and set off for the big city.


{I love the reflection of the living room windows in the granite kitchen counter tops}

{Jas is the best! Putting together the bed we repainted to an elephant gray}


{We have all new appliances! And HELLO granite counter tops!}


{It looks small in this picture, but our living room is actually very roomy}

That first weekend I only hyperventilated once! Go me! It’s always shocking watching money you worked long and hard for just disappear in the matter of seconds. But it was well worth the money to rent the 809 sq feet of adorable apartment space I now call home. It’s going to be fun watching this little, bare apartment turn into something so much more. This is where my collab project with Hello Korin comes into play; does my last post make more sense now?

Honestly, between Korin’s organizational skills and Jas’s levelheadedness, I think I would have bought that $500 glam chandelier and still be eating Ramen off paper plates. Thankfully, Korin is helping me refocus and balance the items that are truly needed with items I dearly want, all within a reasonable budget. We call it Beachy Boho Luxe.

I can’t wait to show you more!

Collab Project Coming Soon

Things have been insanely busy here, but I am extremely thrilled to say Hello Korin and I have a surprise to share soon! So hang tight and keep checking back every so often. Hopefully, in a week I will be able to show you the collab project! For now, I want to share some of the inspiration…


Wood pattern || Anthro model || Beach scene || Boho table || Sailboat || Pile of textures


Seal the Deal

Lately, I have been writing snail mail for all of my friends because we all know how wonderful it is to receive real letters! Now, on my list of things to buy is a stamp for my return address. There are a few Etsy shops with only the cutest stamps! Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Cre8tiveRubberStamp || 2. WestSheridan || 3. Sparkvites || 4. SquareviewStudios