ATL Adventures: Brunching at 10th & Piedmont

This weekend my brunching buddy Glo, from GloingThroughLife, wasn’t able to make it, so I decided to shake things up a little and go with Ethan, from DapperPub, and my fiancé. Deciding on a place was definitely a challenge. Our list is getting longer and there are so many good options, but Midtown kept calling my name so 10th & Piedmont it was! I even decided to be fancy and make a reservation through OpenTable.

My favorite feature of this super modern restaurant are the fantastically large windows. They wrap around a corner allowing the entire place to be illuminated by natural light, even on a drizzly day like we had. To make those beautiful windows even better, when it’s warmer out they’re slid back so that the whole place becomes a covered patio. 1oth & Piedmont, you’re irresistible with those windows.

It was fairly quiet when we walked in at 11:30 am. Probably because the brunch staples (aka, mimosas, bloody marys and bellinis) are not served until after 12:30 pm. We were seated right next to a window that looked directly across to the Flying Biscuit. It was a great people watching location. They really do know me well; big windows and a perfect people watching spot, what more could a girl ask for?

The menu selection was larger than other places I’ve been and the trouble was, everything looked absolutely scrumptious. And I mean finger licking good, so we started with coffee.

Coffee at 10th & Piedmont

I finally settled on some extravagant French toast, fit for The King; these thick slices of bread were stuffed with peanut butter and slices of banana then topped with a dusting of powdered sugar and some maple syrup. My mouth is watering as I write this.

The King French Toast from 10th & Piedmont

Every single bite was heavenly with just the right amount of peanut butter and sweetness. Honestly, this selection was a risk for me. I HATE bananas, but LOVED this! Jas suggested my taste buds might have “grown up” and I like bananas now, but I am going to give all the credit to 10th & Piedmont’s amazing recipe.

Jas ordered the Southern Styled Steak Benedict, which I totally stole a bite of. It’s delicious! Get it if you go. Ethan ordered the Country Fried Chicken & Biscuit plate. I didn’t get to taste that one only because he scarfed it down so fast. But he assured me it was perfect.

Southern Steak Benedict at 10th & PiendmontJust look at it! - Southern Steak Benedict at 10th & Piedmont

Country Fried Chicken & Biscuits at 10th & PiedmontRight at 12:30 pm our server asked us our drink orders and we completed our fantastic meal with some bubbly beverages; I ordered a Peach Bellini, Jas a Mimosas and Ethan a Bloody Mary. They really were just what we needed that Sunday morning.

Peach Bellini at 10th & Piedmont

Overall, we have another great brunch experience. Our server was funny and attentive plus the atmosphere was hip and chic with some light techno and classic rock on the playlist. As we sat there reflecting on everything wonderful we ate, I noticed the line at Flying Biscuit was getting longer and longer. What I couldn’t figure out is why you would want to go to a standard chain (yes, I still think Flying Biscuit is good, but seriously, why) when you could cross the street and enjoy this trendy city sweet spot.

Next time you’re tying to decide where to grab brunch in midtown, steer clear of those Waffle Houses, IHOPs and Flying Biscuits; go to 10th & Piedmont for something truly worth your time and money. You won’t be disappointed.

Have other Atlanta brunch hot spot suggestions? I would love to hear them! Tag me on instagram (@BasicallyBubbly) and use #BBbrunch in the caption.


Cozy Sunday

While I am a summer baby, always ready for the pool or picnic, winter months also have their appeal. It’s the perfect time to snuggle up with your special someone, read a book or sip something warm. And this Sunday seems simply perfect for all things cozy.

But what is it that really makes a day or place feel like you want to snuggle? It’s all the little things combined. I have outlined my top 5 items that can transform a bedroom into some place you will never want to leave.cozy inspiration

1. The Duvet:
Jas has never been fond of duvets, he always says they’re too hot or there are too many covers on the bed, but let’s be honest, a duvet is essential to a perfect bed. Without one, a bed can seem flat and without that dreamy fluffy feel; they bring the snuggle factor. And just like all things, duvets some in a variety of  weights. If you tend to be warm at night choose one with a lighter weight alternative down inside. You can add the fluff without all the heat. Or if you need something thicker choose a heavier one with duck down for the ultimate plushy experience.I personally love Parachute Home bedding, especially their duvets. And if you’re like me and don’t want a hundred layers to try to position every day when making the bed, opt to store that top sheet away until the summer and cover your duvet in a machine washable cover.

The Venice

2. The Textures:
Next come the textures; think rugs, pillows and throws mixed with your fluffy duvet. Faux fur throws and large pillows covered in a chunky knit pillow case will make your bed warm and inviting. If you want to add a little sparkle to the mix, think a Moroccan wedding blanket which includes beautiful silver sequins with a white knit. It brings a sense of luxury to the snuggle piece. And don’t be afraid to layer your textures. Pair a pin tuck duvet cover, with a large braided quilt, a micro knit throw and faux Mongolian lamb pillow cases for the ultimate layered experience. And even if you have carpet, a warm rug beside the bed can add a little something extra.

Comfy & cozy hammock. I love the colour combo and the fur with the cable nit throw.

3. The Lights:
Onto lighting, and let’s be honest, mood lighting is essential. Warm fires cast yellow shades and candles have shadows that dance along the walls. But if you’re in an apartment without a fire place, like Jas and I, you have to find other ways to have pretty lighting. I do love candles, but my pup seems to not be afraid of anything I am always worried she is going to burn herself. So our alternative to fires and candles… string lights! Jas brought home beautiful LED constellation string lights the other day and I was so excited. The tiny copper wire make the lights seem like they’re floating when you look at them from bed. The best part about string lights, you can hang them anywhere an outlet is easily accessed, around a window, headboard or door frame; along a mirror, a shelf or even the ceiling. Jas and I chose to hang our from the ceiling creating something of a canopy. They have definitely added something extra to our room.

Canopy Lights

4. The Colors:
The color of a room can change the mood almost instantly and neutrals are perfect to transition seasons without having to buy all new items every year to stay on trend. I tend to love a mix of warm, dark hues like charcoals, chocolates and navies with bright shades like white and gray. The contrasting colors bring unexpected levels of interest.

5. The Company: 
The final item for a cozy day in a comfy room is definitely the company. Snuggling with your sleep puppy or favorite someone, any day can seem like a perfect cozy day.

See more of my favorite pin-spiration for a cozy day here. What are yours? Be sure to share pin them and tag me (@basicallybubbly). Happy Sunday!




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Traditions Old & New

Christmas time is something that I look forward to and not even realize it until I am surrounded in holiday cheer. I can’t help but feel overwhelmingly content when the lights are all strung and the rich aroma of the mulling spices and gingerbread men fill the house. Twinkling lights and glittering ornaments, comforting cocoas and delicious soups, fuzzy socks and cozy blankets, nothing is better this time of year.

I was inspired by Patience Brewster, an artist and designer of unique, hand-crafted ornaments, to share my holiday traditions and my family has quite a few now that I think about it. A Mass service followed by a wine and cheese dinner (one of my most favorite traditions) with one gift Christmas eve, waking up before the sun and waiting for the rest of the family before opening the pile of presents, lounging around the rest of the day and calling our extended family to say “thank you and Merry Christmas”. Dad always makes prime rib for dinner and Mom always set the table with beautiful flowers and decorations… everything just feels good and like home.

When my fiance entered the picture we made it a must-do to go around town and see all the Christmas lights we could in one night with hot cocoa or coffee in hand. I drove the first year and he still teases me about taking a corner on two wheels. We also spent half of Christmas day at each other’s house in attempt to enjoy both our families together.

This year will be a little different though, it will be our first Christmas together in one house. We have decorated our apartment with gold and white decorations with holly swags on the door, warm blankets in all the rooms and our first Christmas tree.

Our First Christmas Simple Decor

My parents have just moved across the country so this will be the first year without them and while I am going to miss them, I am going to also carry on some of those traditions in my new apartment to keep the memories alive. I am not sure how it will go, but Jas and I are looking forward to merging our families’ special moments and beginning our very own.

What traditions could not live without? Share them with me by tagging @basicallybubbly on Instagram or Twitter so I can see how you and yours celebrate this wonderful time of year.

Images via:
1. Holly Door Swag || 2. Restoration Hardware Luxe Throws || 3. Anthro Constellation LED Lights || 4. Target Bottle Brush Tree || My own Patience Brewster Krinkles “Dancer Reindeer” ornament with my tree