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I absolutely LOVE the purses Hello Korin is currently craving. I am drooling over the Juliana and would totally rock the Stacey while cheering on the Mercer Bears!

Originally posted on HelloKorin:

CC_HandbagsOne of my favorite parts about spring is cleaning out my closet to make way for last year’s warm-weather clothing that’s been stored away, and to see where I can add some fun new pieces. I also took some time last weekend to completely rearrange my closet into a sort of mini dressing room (I might post some photos later—it’s still semi in-progress), and in doing so I noticed that my bag game has been slipping. The majority of my collection consists of blacks and browns, with one fun emerald bag thrown in. Now that spring is upon us, it’s the perfect time to add some color to my wardrobe with a few light & bright handbags! Join me? Here are a few of my favorites:

1. “Mia” Satchel- T Tahari
2. “Juliana” Tote- Carlos by Carlos Santana
3. Weekender Bag- Kate Spade Saturday
4. “Stacey” Geometric Shoulder Tote- Handbag Heaven
5. Envelope…

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Cropped Craze

Spring is right around the corner and I’m crazy about crop tops!

CropItSee below for close ups!

Dallas looks killer in her black Express mesh cutout crop top and Express full skirt. And she perfectly paired a pair of Express neutral heels.

The model looks especially sexy in her black high necked crop top and high waisted chiffon red skirt.

Who doesn’t love these neon pants?! The printed crop makes this outfit look effortless, but chic! Perfect for any time, day or night.

What says springtime more than a lace crop top? And these floral pants!

Heels, boyfriend jeans, stripes and a hat are just the way to spend a casual weekend with your man.

Email Chain

I am not one for email chains- they were a thing of my preteen years and even then, I didn’t head the warning that if I did not send the email to 10 of my closest friends I would die alone, an old cat woman. Yes the LoL catz are cute and can’t spell, but I don’t want to wake up to more junk mail; I already receive enough emails as it is. But for some reason, this chain peeked my curiosity. It had the potential to be different.

This chain was sparking digital inspiration. People will pass on quotes or tidbits of wisdom to keep you motivated for finish your day. I found this to be an interesting social experiment. With how selfish our society is at times, will we, the average Joe, take 5 minutes out of our day to inspire someone else? I had to find out. Here is what the email said:

Email Directions

Hey guys!
Some of my friends have started a collective, constructive, and hopefully uplifting exchange. It’s a one-time thing and we hope you will participate. We have picked those we think would be faithful, and make it fun. Please send an encouraging quote or verse to the person whose name is in position 1 below (only position one! even if you don’t know him or her). It should be a favorite text verse/motivational poem/prayer/meditation that has lifted you when you were experiencing challenging times. Don’t agonize over it–it is one you reach for when you need it or the one that you always turn to.
NOTE: I have removed personal emails and last names from this.
1. Misha S.
2. Rania R.
After you’ve sent the short verse/meditation/quote/etc. to the person in position 1, and only that person, copy this letter into a new email, move my name to position 1. and put your name in position 2. Only my name and your name should show when you email. 
Send to 10 friends BCC (blind copy). If you cannot do this in five days, let us know so it will be fair to those participating. It’s fun to see where they come from. 
Seldom does anyone drop out because we all need new ideas and inspiration. The turnaround is fast, as there are only two names on the list, and you only have to do it once…then you will start getting some uplifting messages in your inbox from others!
I decided to answer the email and send the idea to my 10 friends, with my name in spot 2 and Rania’s in spot 1. The hard part was what to send to Misha. To me, colors, patterns and textures are just as motivational as quotes. So I found some bright, geometric quotes and some fun textures on Pinterest and hoped they would be as excited by pink as I am.
I wasn’t really expecting anything in return, but for the next week, I received a steady flow of inspirational emails. I was thrilled! And to be honest, still am. Here are some of the quotes I was sent:
InspirationQuotesIf you would like to participate in the inspirational email chain, send me an email at: with “Inspiration Exchange” in the subject line. Be sure to copy and paste the email directions from this post into the body of your email.  I can’t wait to see all the inspiration!

Tuesday Inspiration

I just needed a little pick me up this week and I have spring time on the brain!


// Flamingo Print via Basically Bubbly

// Poppin’ Pink Shorts via Pinterest

// Ice Cream Print via Etsy

// Glam Rosie Photo via Pinterest

Sunny Sunday Reflection

blondebabeWho am I anymore? I feel like a mystery even to myself. I haven’t been able to have personal time in ages. And even now, I should be doing something else. But ya know what, once in awhile I am allowed a few minutes right? Right.

I have always considered my time management skills advanced. I was able to get my work done in school and still have time to work a couple part time jobs. I thought I had this balance thing down pat. But recently I realized, I am very good at managing deadlines and work, but personal time is almost nonexistent. Lately, I rarely spend time doing anything alone: painting, blogging, designing, fitness or decorating.

I spend most of my time at work; I love my full time job.  I juggle the delicate balance between sleep and seeing Jas. At the end of every month I piece together the next issue of Speaking of Everything mag. And on the weekends I sometimes see friends. All these things are important and  I love them. But I haven’t read a book in… well a long time. And I haven’t taken out my watercolors in… I really can’t remember. I seem to have become dependent on other people to find happiness; I always need to be with another person. And I seem to have forgotten what it is like to expand my interests and discover who I am. When did I morph from someone who was completely independent, blissfully unaware of how precious personal time could be to a girl who never stops to smell the roses?

Have you ever felt like this before? If you realized you were missing something a while ago, what made you become aware? What helped impact your change?

If you are just realizing it now, here is what I am going to do and I am encouraging you to do the same. From today forward, I am going to spend 90 minutes every day taking time for myself. This time might be to paint, workout, learn a new language or even read. I want those precious minutes to be about improving myself. Don’t get caught up in the constant rush of life; take those few minutes a day to breathe, relax, unwind or even challenge yourself. What will you do?

{Image of inspiration}

Seal the Deal

Lately, I have been writing snail mail for all of my friends because we all know how wonderful it is to receive real letters! Now, on my list of things to buy is a stamp for my return address. There are a few Etsy shops with only the cutest stamps! Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Cre8tiveRubberStamp || 2. WestSheridan || 3. Sparkvites || 4. SquareviewStudios

Pink Monday

It’s another Pink Monday in the Basically Bubbly studio! I can’t help but be happy. I just found the cutest 5×7 photo and I can’t wait to find a place to hang it! I’m about to push the order button on Etsy as soon as I finish this post.

Taryn St. Michele has captured the cutest photo of this perfectly pink car in front of a gorg London building. This piece could hang simply anywhere; a bedroom, hallway, or even a kitchen! Where would you hang yours? – Ciao

Powerful Pinterest

After day two of my new job I decided to kick back and spend some down time watching some TV and pinning. I always seem to find some really great board every time I get on, but tonight I spent almost my entire time on one pinner’s account specifically, Cristina Peralta . Everything she picked was fantastic! Her sense of style is sophisticated, chic, ultra feminine. If you haven’t seen of her boards you need to! Here are some of my faves -

Friday Obsesh

Plastic Animal Toys! I love all the DIY projects you can do with simple plastic toy animals. Jar lids, cake toppers, color blocking, and even faux porcelain. I am going to try some of these this weekend and show you what I come up with! Let me know if you do the same. Happy Friday everyone!


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