Palm Weekend

Palm Weekend

I can’t help loving all the palm leaves!
This week has been hella long and I’m super pumped to escape to the weekend. I hope everyone has fun and tag me in some of your adventures! #BBWeekend

Set of 3 Mini Photos, Fine Art Photography


Tommy Bahama // Palm Print Cushion Cover // 40 x 40cm // Jungle Green // As Seen at The Sydney Writers' Festival 2013

Los Angeles Palm Trees, Retro, California Decor, Palm Trees, Landscape Photograph, California Wall Art, Large Wall Art "California Love"

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Guest Blogger: Pinterest God’s Gift to Men

Pinterest: God's Gift to Men

Pinterest… I can practically see you cringe and give me dirty looks through your computer screen. I know what you’re thinking so let’s clear that up before you ask: yes I have a penis and no, I don’t have an account. Every, and I do mean every, man dislikes this place. And to be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure why. We just don’t. We just dislike it. We avoid it like the tampon aisle in the grocery store. That’s probably because it’s one of the most feminine creations in the history of man. It’s full of girly pictures and none of them are nudes. Up until about a year ago I was just like you.

Basically Bubbly on Pinterest

Yes it’s girly. Yes it’s stupid. Yes we hate it. But Pinterest is also God’s gift to men. Don’t take this the wrong way; I am NOT advocating that you go sign up. If you did that I would be forced to maliciously destroy your man card and confiscate the tiny shred of dignity you had left.

What I mean is that every single female, whether in their 20s or 70s, has a Pinterest. I guarantee you every single woman you are interested in, or will have an interest in, has one. Pinterest is this magical place where women post pictures of everything they have ever liked or wanted…Everything. I shit you not; clothes, jewelry, favorite stores, decorations, dream vacation destinations, the puppy she wants, even the engagement ring she would die to have. It is an endless supply of ideas. Not just ideas, but the things that she actually likes. You never have an excuse for giving your girl a bad gift ever again. They’re practically handing us material on a silver platter.Pinterest FavesAnd the best part: you don’t need to sign up to see the things she posted. Google “Pinterest + ‘her name’” and I promise you it will be the first thing that pops up.

You’re welcome.
– Jason

Jason Albert{all images via Pinterest}

Meet Tucker

Nose + Paw

Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Tucker Senic-Albert, the latest addition to our family!

Tucker the AussieShe’s a spunky, lovable Australian Shepherd that follows Jas + I everywhere! A perfect little shadow. Her piercing blue eyes seem to notice every detail and she’s a peanut butter hog. Sleepy Tucker Tucker + Lamb Chop She’s 7 weeks now and about the size of a Chiweenie (yes, those are real), but I know she is going to grow up quick. Be sure to follow her adventures on Instagram, @Tucker_Aussie. I thought having a dedicated account would help keep me from overly posting pictures of her to my personal one.

Wish Jas + I luck with our new bundle of joy because right now we are onto day 2 of having no more than 2.5 hours of sleep.

DIY: Window Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Table

Our apartment is finally to a point where I am comfortable photographing pieces of it; emphasis on the pieces. For the past couple months Jas and I have been busting our tails on the weekends trying to help my parents get the house “show worthy” for their big move to Cali. Why yes, I am a little jealous. But I digress, with all our effort going towards their house our space has been a little neglected. But we are still making progress!

I promised an Instagram follower and friend a while ago that I would give more details on how Jas and I made our beautiful window frame coffee table. So without further adieu…

Before every good project begins, there is always some inspiration. Thank you Pinterest for always adding these ideas in my head. HERE are just a couple Jas + I looked at before getting started.

And it’s always helpful to know in advance what you need before beginning so after some trial and error, here is everything you’re going to need (*there are a couple of things listed, but not shown listed you may or may not need depending on the condition of your frame so be sure to plan ahead):

Supply ListThrifted Window Frame // Wood (The Home Depot) // Anthropologie Chandelier Knob // Long Hinge  // Ikea Mod Legs // Annie Sloan Chalk Paint // Paint Stripper* // Putty Knife* // Extra Glass Panes (found at local glass shop) // Sandpaper

1. Find the frame – Be sure you pick out one that is larger, or at least large enough for a coffee table in your living space. The best place to find the frame is a junk yard, thrift store or somewhere with used frames {$7.00}. Don’t worry if the frame is a little dirty to begin with; you can clean up the wood using sand paper, and if its really bad, a spray on paint stripper and a putty knife for scraping the paint off and razor blades for the panes. This part honestly was the most time consuming part of this project. Depending on the condition of your frame it might take some time (and a lot of patience) to strip all the previous years’ worth of wear off. If your frame doesn’t have glass panels, don’t worry, your local glass shop will have panes {$2.50 e.} for inexpensive.

Before photo of the window frameExtra panesSitting in the window

2. Build the box – Jas + I made our coffee table with the lid resting on top. We liked the idea of it being lifted with fun things peeking from inside. But I have also seen that it could be done where the lid fits snug inside the box. Both ways look great so don’t be afraid of which to choose! We also chose to rest the inner boards along runners inside the box, so instead of having screws all along the outside holding in perfectly sized planks, ours lay across the bottom and are free to be removed during transit. If you don’t have a saw, The Home Depot has got you covered! They can cut your wood for you for a small fee. Thankfully, we were able to borrow my dad’s while we worked on this project. Wood {$35.00}.

Building the boxPre-box

 3. Paint! – Have you used chalk paint before?! It’s great! The finish is so sleek and simple, with a slight matte finish {$15.00}. Of course you can always use Bher or Glidden with an eggshell finish. A coffee table like this doesn’t need to be super shiny. I did 2 coats on the entire box exterior of the box then stained the inside and planks. Sanding between each layer or stain and paint allows for a smoother, more professional finish. And don’t forget to clear coat (if desired).

4. Choose the hardware – The hardware selected for your coffee table with not only add character, but it will also determine the look and feel. The great thing about this project is that you can pick type of hardware and not go wrong. Our IKEA legs {$16.00}and killer Anthro knob {$25.00} make this table a combination between modern and boho (just like Jas + I).

IKEA legs in action Anthro handle

5. Voila! -Once everything is all put together you’re going to be thrilled! Now, it’s time to enjoy your coffee table.

DSCN1572 DSCN1575 DSCN1579So instead of buying a new coffee table for a couple hundred dollars, we built this baby in less than $100! Thanks Home Depot for having us covered with all of our supply needs; you may or may not be one of my favorite places to go. And a big thanks to IKEA and Anthropologie for adding some flare to our latest apartment piece.

I loved getting to work on this project because not only did we design something fun and pretty for the apartment, but it was great bonding time with Jas. He built it and I made it look good. It’s now something we use and look at every day, proud of our accomplishment. Be sure to comment below and show me your latest DIY coffee table! I can’t wait to see.


Spotted! MDP

NYC Photographer, Michael Della Polla

Michael Della Polla

We were friends in college. He was a Chemistry student who was always going full speed and always willing to begin an adventure. His music would blast from his dorm on the 1st floor and his eclectic attire was always on point with a distinct essence of 80’s inspiration. Michael Della Polla was one cool cat.

Michael is now a professional photographer and adventurer in glamorous New York City. He captures stunning portraits of celebrities and the ordinary, skaters and city streets. His images are both beautiful and mysterious, always leaving you wanting more. Thankfully he fills his Tumblr and Instagram to the brim with killer shots.

Michael’s career has not been a straight line to his dream. His determination to develop his skills and ever-growing confidence in his own work are things I admire.  Without those, he would not thrive in the fast paced city. So how does he do it? Keep reading for his advice and career highlights thus far.


Name: Michael Della Polla
Age: 25
Occupation: Photographer

1. Tell me a little about being a photographer and what was the turning point to get started?

Being a photographer in New York is a mix of crazy rewarding and draining, though far more on the rewarding end. It is a special experience to go home at the end of the day having “created” something new. I got my start in Macon, Georgia having seen a large cloud of smoke fuming across the city. After biking over and just happening to bring a camera I had recently purchased on Craigslist, I snapped a handful of photos. I stayed for the firemen and police to arrive, still capturing that fleeting moment. Eventually I left and had a hard time as I was within the police barricade, passing the news teams on the way out. I ended up getting images no one else had the opportunity to capture that day which allowed me to release them to college and local newspapers. Following that, I shot more for those publications. These were good projects that pushed me and forced me to focus far more closely on photography.

2. The hardest part I’ve found of being a photographer (besides capturing the best shot) is how to gracefully lug around my clunky camera. How do you handle this juggling act?

Juggling the weight of equipment is never easy. Having used a plethora of lenses, camera bodies, and flashes I have refined what I like and better know what is best used in what situations. I normally carry a single camera body and lens inside a sweatshirt everywhere I go. On days I know I’ll meet a celebrity or artist I normally pack a film camera as well.


10519682_2449914803454_387979118_n3. Did your studies in college apply to what you’re doing now? If not, when and where did you acquire the necessary skills?

I took classes on Photoshop and other Adobe software. I also was a part of various clubs and shot for those small pubs in college. Once in NYC I began assisting and was able to learn a lot of real world knowledge. Retouching here versus college is night and day.

4. What is a day in the life of Michael Della Polla like?

A day in the life isn’t very glamorous… an average day I work at a retouching house during 9-6 and then head to work with Quiet Lunch magazine and make some portraits until late.. Try to fit in some late night eats and then pass out.

5. Where do you find your inspiration?

I actually find a lot of new inspiration from Instagram and other photographers I admire. The inspiration for the foundation of my work goes to more painters and early photographers, Arnold Newman, Yousuf Karsh and Edward Hopper.

 6. How do you unwind?

I often unwind by buying Vans on EBAY. I buy a lot of things on EBAY. People thing I’m weird….


7. What was your first job out of college and how long did you hold that position?

After college I worked a summer camp teaching Photoshop in Boston. After that I worked an 8 month internship on a feature film in Atlanta.

8. What advice would you give your 23 year old self? What is the best piece of advice you have received?

Exercise more fatty! I still don’t exercise enough now.. or sleep.. Meh…

9. What is your favorite picture you have ever taken and why?

This is an incredibly hard question.. The photos that are the most rewarding are the photos that are the most difficult to capture but with planning and execution I manage to get them. Larry Clark, Patti Smith, Michael Cera, lots more…


10. What do you hope people take away from your images?

I hope my images are attractive enough to the eye to invite the viewer in while revealing an unusual intimate perspective of my subject.

11. What was the biggest obstacle you faced while pursuing your dreams?

One of my biggest obstacles was not having an education in art or photography. Gaining the confidence to say I am a photographer instead of saying “I shoot a lot” or “I am learning to be a photographer” were big hurdles.


Enjoyed reading about Michael? Keep up with his latest adventures and see more of his work via his Instagram, Tumblr and website.




Shop Update

Happy Friday! It’s been a long, but rewarding week. I have something great planned for Monday so be sure to check back. This weekend, I’m on the hunt for office decor and know I will be adding one of my new pups from the shop to my desk chair. You can see all their new little faces below!

And I want to know how you style your Basically Bubbly pup. Tweet, Facebook or Instagram how you decorate your space with art from my shop this weekend and I will pick a couple of my favorites for the blog Shop page! Be sure to use the hashtage #BasicallyBubblyPup. I can’t wait to see!

Tate the Bulldog

Meet Tate the Bulldog – Native to Athens, Georgia, Tate is a football loving pooch. He likes to watch the Dawgs stomp those Gators every time. If you’re a UGA fan, Tate is the perfect pup for you.

Belle the Lab

Belle the Lab – Belle is as sweet as a peach. Her colors bring warmth and her charm brings smiles.

Aurora the Welshie

Aurora the Welshie – Aurora is an instant love. Her playful eyes and Velcro personality will win over anyone’s heart. This little lady is looking for a good place to stay. Bring her home and see what a delight she can be.

Pip the Chihuahua

Pip the Chihuahua – Pip is ready for anything. Her bright blues make anyone smile.

Custom Ordered Pups

Custom Orders – Custom Order prints are now available! What better way to celebrate your pup than have a framed piece of art.

Guest Blogger Ethan’s Trendy Twitter


Either you love to hate it or hate to love it. Twitter connects opposite sides of the globe with 140 characters. 140, that includes punctuation! Talk about effective communication; other social medias cannot even compare, with their wordy posts and poking animals. Okay. Okay, you’re right. Instagram connects people using only an image, but that’s just Twitter for people who can’t read.

The difference that sets a primo Tweeter apart from the pack is how they manipulate those characters into miniature stories. The lame ones tweet about what they just ate or what they’re watching on TV. The real kick ass people people, the ones who’s content you actually want to read, carefully craft their words, providing comic relief to an otherwise stressful day, igniting inspiration or giving you a good reason to tweet something yourself. Allow me to introduce you to some of the best:

The Foodies

AltonBrownAlton Brown – Formerly of Good Eats on the Food Network and currently of Cutthroat Kitchen. He has a line of bowties with hook + ALBERT. He is a Southern Man whose personality has graced television and his twitter is just as great. When he replies to tweets he writes his responses on sticky notes and posts pictures of the notes on his feed; it matches his quirky personality. The man I credit for my love of cooking and food culture. Does a podcast cast called the Alton Brown Cast and has many of the major names in the culinary world as guests; discussing the world today and the current state of culinary affairs.

Andrew Zimmern – The man behind the Go Fork Yourself podcast and Bizarre Foods. He is an excellent follow on Twitter and Instagram; he likes to document his food adventures. His television personality is lighthearted and fun, not many would guess that his beginnings in the culinary world were a very dark time. A true American success story.

High Road Ice Cream
– Gourmet ice cream made right in Atlanta. With flavors such as Bourbon Burnt Sugar, I cannot stress enough that you should follow them.


Jack Rudy Cocktail – I am a sucker for all things Charleston. Jack Rudy Cocktail makes bar goods, such as tonic, bitters, and grenadine. With my love for gin and tonic, I can only imagine that some of their small batch tonic would enhance my experience.

The Bloggers

Back Down South – A blog of the Fontenot’s, a couple transplanted from the South that have recently returned home. Complete with giveaways from great brands and my favorite segment “Drink This”, the blog will have you pining for a return to the south or wanting to quickly move south of the Mason-Dixon.

Red Clay Soul – A man who has eyes on every sale that could possibly arise; the best source for southern fashion that I have come across. He is a magician at finding items off of Ebay. Once you start following him on twitter and reading his blog, prepare for your wallet to feel significantly lighter.

Hunters of Brora  – A hold over from my time in Scotland, I love tweed. Hunter’s tweed will sell you bolts of tweed and help you with your bespoke clothing desires. Might be a Christmas gift to myself this year; follow them for updates on their selection and availability.

The Musicians

Imagine Dragons – I have seen these guys in concert and it was by far the best show that I have been too. They are very interactive with their fans on twitter and always posting pictures from the road.


The Comedians

Cloyd Rivers - Cloyd will keep you laughing for hours. Half the joy of this Twitter handle is the complete and utter stereotypical redneckness of it all. Yes, redneckness is now a new word. He’s the beer drinking, shotgun toting, 1-upping better American . If you’re easily offended, I don’t recommend his account.

Post Grad Problems – This account tells the horrors of being an adult. No matter what, you will walk  away feeling like you’re hot stuff. These hilarious events include the ridiculous boss, crowded workplaces and the insane water cooler chatter. Everything you imagine in a cube farm.


Don’t forget to check in with me at Dapper Pub for more of Men’s Fashion and Living Well. Be sure to comment below with which Twitter handles you liked from my list or one of your favorites.  Cheers – Ethan


MH: Sumertime Wishlist

Mondays always seem to hit me like a ton of bricks and being on vacation for four days made this Monday even worse. So it seemed only logical to put together a quick summertime wishlist. Here are just a few of my must haves:

1. Spicy shorts

These shorts a great summer staple. Comfy like gym shorts, but with a sophisticated twist. They pair great with bold colors and fun wedges. Find them on Etsy.


2. Cow skulls

These Child of Wild cow skulls have an added punch with their designs. The turquoise beading is a beautiful contrast to the bleach white bone. This would be the focal point in any room.

3. Anything Flamingos

Flamingos and pineapples are a perfect summertime trend. check out my treasury of all these playful pinkies on Etsy.


4. Flash tats

These flash tattoos from Child of Wild are stunning! Metallic temporary tattoos are definitely a summer staple.

5. Frank’s body scrub

After the long hours in the summer your skin needs a little love. Frank’s coffee scrubs pamper and polish. Plus their scents are heavenly. Mine smells like oranges and I can’t believe how smooth my skin is after I use it.


What are some of your summertime must haves? Comment below with your favorites.

Guest Blogger Shannon’s Party Planning Tips

10 Essential Tips for the Everyday Hostess

Hi all, I’m Shannon! Lexi asked me about party planning tips so I decided to steal Basically Bubbly for a day to share some of my favorite secrets. I don’t always plan extravagant festivities, but when I do, I knock them out of the park.

A year ago I married into a large family, so I am regularly planning for at least 14 people for small gatherings. His family, plus my family… and if we add friends and their significant others… the numbers escalate quickly.  So, from one  Southern girl to, well, everyone else, here are my best kept secrets. Okay, they aren’t all secrets, but they need to be reiterated. Enjoy and happy planning!

Outside The Box Decorating

Use objects around your house for decor instead of buying something cheap or even something expensive. A lantern that has been sitting on your mantel mixed with some garden flowers will make a much better centerpiece than something you can buy at party city. Often times, using something that you already own will give your event a unique and lavish touch.

Plan Ahead. Start Early.

Timing is key when it comes to a properly planned event. A great party has lots of little touches and is well thought out. Unless its going to perish, nothing should wait until the last minute. If you think about something you want to add to your event, go ahead and get it done. You will feel great when it comes party time and you are not running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Give yourself at least 2 weeks before taking on any larger event. It takes practice to get the timing down right, but starting early is important. HERE is a great party planning download to ease some of that stress.

Shop In Bulk

Bulk discount stores such as Costco, Sams, or BJs should be your best friend when it comes to supplies for an event. These stores often will have the best prices and selection on flowers, meats, and fresh baked breads. I bought a bag of 36 small sesame rolls freshly made for $4.99 that made the most adorable slider buns. You will be able to stretch your budget much farther buy shopping bulk. Don’t have a membership? Have a friend that is? Have them take you with them!

Food Should Be Plentiful

It is always better to have too much food than not enough. The same goes for drinks. When the food and drink run out, the party is over. You will get the most comments on your event, if your guests are full and enjoyed the food. I tend to buy comfort foods. These never get passed by and people rant and rave often times over some of the easiest and cheapest menu items.

Try Something New

Break out of your norm and host guests in a different spot. If the kitchen is your usual entertaining spot, prepare a table outside or look for a fun spot in your neighborhood or park to use. Switching it up will help you learn to be a more creative hostess and bring something new and exciting to your guests.

A Reason To gather

Give your event a theme. This can be as small as “Italian Night” or as big as a “Hawaiian Luau”. From my personal experience, having a common reason to gather will rid your party of any “awkwardness”. Themes pull the event together and allow you to be super creative. Guests will see your event as one of a kind!

Worry Tomorrow

This is a small tip that goes a long way. Come to closure with the fact that dishes can be done the next day. Enjoy yourself and relax. Your guests will be comforted and you will have a better time. Be sure to thank and assure guests who offer to help with the cleaning that it will be done another time. After all, they are the guest!

Invest In Must Haves

If hostessing is something you plan to do often, invest in reusable must haves. These include (but aren’t limited to)  ikea wine glasses, platter for apps, solid cloth napkins, a few statement pieces. Some of the most beautiful tables are completely mismatched. So don’t be afraid to buy different color items.

Be Our guest

This is the most important time to take away! When it comes to being a primo hostess, your guest should be top of mind. Your event will be successful if the guests have a great time. You may like one type of food or drink, but they might not. Be sure to have choices for everyone and try to think ahead of time what they are going to want to eat and drink. Same goes for who you invite… often times a smaller, more dynamic group is much more enjoyable than a large melting pot of people.

Growing Greens

Tips from Hungrily Homemade‘s very own Rania Renno

Like many Atlantans, I live in a cozy 809sq foot apartment with no yard. Yes, there is some greenery outside, but it is not truly mine. That means planting a garden is currently out of scope. I dream of the Pinterest tips for growing herbs and flowers in my future garden and for now I’m obsessed with Dylon, my pineapple plant, but having a garden inside is what I am going to have to work towards.

For Rania from Hungrily Homemade though, her garden is her life! She grows a number of delicious veggies, all of which she uses in her cooking. Her top pieces of advice:

  1. Dig a big enough space to drop in the baby plant
  2. Add top soil
  3. Ensure enough sunlight
  4. Water it as soon as you plant it
  5. Talk to them every day so they know you love them
Rania's Cheery Tomatoes

Rania’s little cherry tomatoes are potted and happy on her back porch.

Rania's Blueberries

I love the idea of planting blueberries! Rania is well on her way to have a delicious snack.

As a new grower, Dylon being my first real attempt to grow anything (other than succulents, those little buggers never die!) I had some questions to ask her:

Q: What is the easiest veggie to grow for beginners?
A: Cherry tomatoes for sure. They take no work.

Q: Can they be indoor plants?
A: Haha, they work best outside.

Q: Do they grow well in planters or must they be in soil?
A: I have mine in planters and they’re great!

Q: If you could only grow three veggies what would you pick?
A: Cucumbers, Tomatoes &Jalapenos

Q: How many times a week do you water them?
A: I water them every other day.

Q: What are your garden necessities?
A: A small shovel and manicured nails!

Meet Dylon

Meet Dylon – my pride and joy of my green thumb.


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